Mike Rohl Supernatural Director
Mike Rohl Beauty and the Beast Director

Shadowhunters - Iron  Sisters

Beauty and the Beast - Playing With Fire

Mike Rohl Reaper Director

Helix - Aniqatiga

Mike Rohl Reign Director

Reign - No Exit 

Mike Rohl Continuum Director

Continuum - Second Wave

Mike Rohl Reign Director
Mike Rohl Reign Director

Close to home - A Father's Story

Reaper - All Mine

Mike Rohl Eureka Director

Eureka - Friendly Fire

Mike Rohl Smallville Director

Smallville - Arrow

Mike Rohl Sarah Connor Chronicles Director

Terminator: TSCC: What he Beheld

Mike Rohl Supernatural Director

Supernatural - Folsom Prison Blues

Mike Rohl Strange Empire Director

Strange Empire - Lonely Hearts


Mike Rohl